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ESL Europe (Agmet Ltd), the European operation of the USA based ESL ElectroScience, manufacture solder pastes and thick-film inks. This web site focuses on ESL's solder paste products that have been made in the UK since 1975. On this site we have included technical data sheets for our solder paste products and some useful links to other solder-related web sites.

We supply a wide range of solder pastes with differing metal alloys and viscosities ensuring we can meet as many of our customers' needs as possible. The various metal alloys give a wide range of high and low temperature pastes and specialist pastes. Many of our solder pastes have lead-free compositions enabling our customers to comply with changing legislation and ensuring environmental improvements. We supply solder pastes of various viscosities for different application methods, including syringe dispense, stencil and screen print. The range also includes many 'no clean' solders pastes.

All of ESL Europe's solder pastes are manufactured to the ISO 9001:2008 quality and the 14001:2004 environmental standards in batch sizes ranging from a few kilograms to several hundred kilograms. Our solder paste products come in a variety of containers including jars, semco cartridges, mastic cartridges and various sizes of syringe for automatic dispensing. ESL Europe ship all solder products to destinations worldwide.

For more information on our thick-film products and tape systems click here to link to the ESL ElectroScience site. On this site you will find product data sheets, technical publications and information on the various applications of our products including, Planar Oxygen Sensors, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC), Thick Film Heaters on Steel and many more.
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